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About me

My name is Beckett Padgett. I am currently enrolled at Base Camp Coding Academy: Graduate Institute. BCCA:GI is a nonprofit organization built for giving inhabitants of North Mississippi an opportunity to learn or further grow their coding skills. I've learned many professional skills on top of technical skills that allow me to use my unique way of thinking and solving problems to complete projects in an unorthodox, yet efficient and clean way.

Phone: (901) 827 9142

Email: beckett@beckettpadgett.com

Big project #1

My first big project when learning python was a character creator for Dungeons & Dragons. Me and four of my classmated wanted to make an application that automated everything that didn't require direct user input. There was a functionality to calculate all the stats, as well as a leveling up system that involved accessing a huge (by our standards) database

Big Project #2

The second project of Python was a programmable cookbook with a search function. You could search for recipes by keywords such as "spicy" and "fish", or you could just look at all the recipes you could make based on what was in your fridge. Admittedly, this program is currently incomplete, because we were the smallest group(3) and had the smallest timeframe to work within(1 week)